The research units involved in the RoboCare Project have chosen to focus on two scenarios for the deployment of assistive technology.

Domestic Environment
     Recent statistics show how the population in Europe is slowly getting older. Increasing attention has therefore been given to the issue of "independence" and "aging at home", and support tools have been developed to ensure that elderly and partially impaired people can continue to enjoy an independent lifestyle. The RoboCare Domestic Envirionment (RDE) is an experimental setup which recreates a three-room flat. It is intended as a tesbed environment in which to test the ability of the domotic technology built by the various research units, such as non-intrusive monitoring, domestic robots and environmental supervision.


Health-Care Institution
     This scenario focuses on analyzing the possible deployment of an array of software and robotic components to facilitate complex workflows in which the coordination of human personnel and artificial agents in the context of a large institution. The role of an intelligent supervisor in this scenario is to synthesize and monitor the corrent execution of complex plans which involve the use of large robotic platforms, capable of moving in large spaces, walking or transporting people, as well as performing environmental supervisory tasks. Various research units operate in this scenario by means of simulations, while others contribute by developing larger, heavy duty robots which are more suitable for this environment.