The goal of the RoboCare project is to build a multi-agent system which generates user services for human assistance. The system is to be implemented on a distributed and heterogeneous platform, consisting of a hardware and software prototype.

The use of autonomous robotics and distributed computing technologies constitutes the basis for the implementation of a user service generating system in a closed environment such as a health-care institution or a domestic environment. The fact that robotic components, intelligent systems and human beings are to act in a cooperative setting is what makes the study of such a system challenging, for research and also from the technology integration point of view.

The project is funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR). It is organized in 3 tasks:

1. Development of a HW/SW framework to support the system
2. Study and implementation of a supervisor agent
3. Realization of robotic agents and technology integration

Alongside the above research tasks, common useability and acceptability issues are analyzed, contributing to the implementation of SW development, visualization and simulation tools for multi-robot systems.

Thanks to the variety of possible applications, the RoboCare project actively supports and stimulates cooperation between all its academic, industrial and research institution partners the following lines of research:

- Multi-agent systems

- Planning, Scheduling and Execution
- Monitoring and Diagnosis
- Supervision vs. Autonomy

- Human-robot interaction
- Autonomous robotics
- Robot coordination
- Multi-robot systems

- Useability and Acceptability

This site is intended to serve as a repository for published papers, software and internal documents, but also to give an 'at-a-glace' idea of what RoboCare is all about and the challenges it proposes (see scenarios). Please feel free to send any comments you may have to the webmaster, or to contact the unit members.